( ZORA 005 ) CHARONNE - Moonstruck Zine (12") (1xcustomer) Rakya France

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One year since Rakya’s Liquor Store, one year since our core members Charonne were secretly crafting their comeback in Rakya’s catalogue with the Moonstruck Zine EP. This release has many faces, crossing styles and tempo: a starry-eyed collection of sounds. And most importantly, it’s designed for both the mind and the club. Glamorama (A1) is a synth-lead stomper, dancefloor killer, as steady and powerful as this genre can get. It has founded its fine balance between a rather dark first impression and the overtaking feel-good energy of the organs. A reference to Bret Easton Ellis’ schizophrenic society: Glamorama. Which makes a perfect transition towards the glistening bomb of the EP, an uplifting house-music anthem where Charonne encourages you to MakeUrOwnMusic (A2) B-side, on the other hand, is more intimate. Experimentations in tempos and structures, exploring a dystopian future. The Little People is where Charonne manoeuvre a more ravy side, but always with a sense of melancholy – moving us to the EP’s conclusion, B2, an acidic and mysterious high-speed UFO. Artwork by Célia Paysan Mastered by Marco Pellegrino at Analogcut Mastering 400 copies pressed. Out in November 2019.