( WNTN 04 ) VESLEMES - Pigeon Post Knossos ( LP ) Won Ton Records

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Yannis Veslemes: synthesizers, drum machines, vox, fx units, computers
Giotis Paraskevaidis: bass, guitars, drums, percussion, reed, spiral didgeridoo
Gilad Atzmon: saxophones at Trojan Horses & Beartraps
Leonidas Oikonomou: additional electric guitar at Trojan Horses
Lefteris Grigoriou: tsampouna (bagpipe) at The Alpinist

vocal samples at 79 hits for Klaus Kinski taken from the film Zoo Ζéro(Alain Fleischer,1979)
vocal samples at The Alpinist taken from the film Dead Mountaineer’s Hotel (Grigori Kromanov,1979)
vocal samples at Prometheus taken from the film Prometheus Second Person, Singular(Costas Ferris,1975)

mixed by Giotis Paraskevaidis (at AUX )
mastering by Marco Pellegrino (at ANALOGCUT)
designed by Simeon Nomidis

all tracks written & produced by Yannis Veslemes