( WF 02 ) READE TRUTH - Love's Secret Domain (12") Warm Fiction Spain

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Often overlooked or under-cited, NYC's Reade Truth is as much a part of the vintage house and techno scene as other, more referenced, artists like Pal Joey or Adam X. In fact, even before his first EPs began to appear in the early 90s, this guy was blasting out tunes in raves all throughout the late 80s, and he clearly knows rave culture like few others. Through labels like Sonic Groove he was able to build a name for himself, and in more recent years he's appeared for others like NSYDE - a Juno favourite! He's now up on San Fran's Warm Fiction, following up on Lerosa's fine opener from last year, and "LSD" opens the festivities with a psychedelic shower of percussion and warm, luscious bass. "Unrave The Fragments" is a more minimal-minded techno tool, while "Love Is..." goes all industrial and dubby, leaving "In The Blood" to glitch its way across the groove. Big up, Truth!