( VER 132 ) I CUBE - Cubo Live Sessions: Vol 2 (12") Versatile France

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For these Cubo Live Sessions, I:Cube hooked up his machines and went off the deep end on an unrestricted improvised tip. The resulting recordings have been cut up into the four tracks presented here and they all convey a certain sense of freedom and natural evolution. They also happen to be damn good club tunes. There is slow and snaking acid on 'Session 4', tense bas riffs and trippy keys on 'Session 5' and wonky machine malfunctions on 'Session 6' that are tied to deep bass. A slow motion electro-funk workout brings the EP to a close in fantastic fashion with 'Session 7.'

Played by: Wes BaggaleyMarcelo Tavares(Deep Space Podcast)