( UVAR 010 ) BARAC - When We See One EP (180 gram vinyl double 12") UVAR

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With a production history that stretches back to the start of the decade, Barac is arguably one of the better-known Romanian minimal and tech-house producers. His fame - if you can call it that - has been built on consistency. Put simply, his releases are always rock solid. This EP on UVAR is no different. He begins with the metronomic percussive pulse and skewed late night wonkiness of "Song Written For Reny", before injecting a little tech-funk into proceedings via the similarly bass-heavy "Maintain Eye Contact". Over on the B-side, closer "Toponimul" - a looser and more humid excursion rich in undulating hand percussion hits, creepy chords and feverish electronics - is particularly impressive and could well be the EP's standout moment.