( TQR 022V ) H OWL ENSEMBLE- Be Punk As Fuck EP (blue marbled vinyl 12") Turquoise Blue

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Italian duo Howl Ensemble team up with Turquoise Blue to release four infectious cuts entitled ‘Be Punk As Fuck’ EP.

Italy’s Howl Ensemble – made up of Giovanni Verrina and Germano Ventura enrich a deep, effervescent production style concentrated on the freedom of expression and creativity. In addition to releasing music on Tour Records, Nilla and Infuse, the pair established their Howl Records imprint that embodies a philosophy of releasing dancefloor focused music contributed to by the likes of Dana Ruh, Bassa Clan, 100 Hz and more. Howl Ensemble’s ‘Be Punk As Fuck’ EP sees the duo join the Turquoise Blue family following the likes of DJ Jes, Dan Curtin, Phonogenic and Ekkohaus to name a few.

‘In An Age Of Cruelty’ begins proceedings with alleviating melodies, low-slung bass chords and raw, shuffling percussion before ‘Kindness’ deploys dynamic synth sweeps, rolling low-frequencies and effervescent rhythms maintaining a consistent energy throughout.

On the flip, an organic drum sequence fused with eccentric modulations and undulating deepness takes the focus in ‘Is Punk As Fuck’ until ‘Be Punk As Funk’ rounds things off with broken-beat rhythms and irresistible vocal flutters floating over sparse pad work and funk-infused bass grooves