( THPVS 04 ) ALLSTARR MOTOMUSIC / MANUEL COSTELA - Love Souls (12") - TH Pressing Japan

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 In the past, Allstar Motomusic has largely delivered 12" singles that tend towards the more musically vibrant end of the techno and tech-house spectrum. Interestingly, the two tracks here - the Ron Trent style brilliance of "Night Romance (featuring Debra Jones Davis") and lilting dream house soul of "Light of the Soul (featuring Sarigina Bonfa) - retain his usual soulfulness but soften the rhythmic approach. It goes without saying that it's a switch that has paid dividends. Italian producer Manuel Costa handles the B-side, first delivering the tactile, synth-heavy deep house soul of "Sunshine Love", before delivering a chunk of bass-heavy, Rhodes-rich warmth underpinned by a swinging electro beat. Top notch stuff, all told.