( TD 2009 ) The HE MEN / DAWL / ASCOT WW / CORPOREAL FACE / BUFO BUFO - Tone Dropout Vol 9 (12") Tone Dropout

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Tone Dropout

In the world of Tone Dropout, the rave never stops. It's this wholehearted 90s-inspired retro-futurism that makes their compilation style EP releases such a good listen. This ninth volume in the series packs a punch, with highlights coming courtesy of The He-Men (the trippy acid-psychedelia of saucer-eyed early morning workout "A-Train"), the weighty Yorkshire bleep and bass-meets-Italian dream house warmth of Ascot and WW's "Marelli Bleeps", and the deliciously quirky hip-house-meets-breakbeat hardcore-meets-acid bustle of Bufo Bufo's "Ectotherm". Arguably best of all though is Dawl's sleazy, alien and off-kilter acid-electro rub "Human Experiments".