( SVD 004 ) SILVERLINING - Silverlining Dubs (IV) (180 gram vinyl 12") - Silverlining Dubs

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 The London underground house and techno stalwart continues to explore his cult Silverlining project with gusto, this time around taking the immersive, dubby sound into new pastures with fresh remixes of lesser known tracks. First up is The Inhabitants, whose catchy vocal cut "The Truth & The Lie" gets a lean rub down with ample space in the mix, before "G-Spot" by Dog With The Groove Of Lights gets buffed up into a driving yet supremely deep workout for peak time play. The Mingers' " emancipation" is quite possibly the stand out on the record, creating the perfect stripped-down groove and then dropping the slinkiest baseline into the mix with the classy touch we've come to expect from him.