( SOULSITY 012 ) Mihai POPESCU - Homemade EP (12") Soulsity Romania

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Amazing release! New Soulsity! Vinyl Only! Handpainted label! Amazing release! New Soulsity! Vinyl Only! Handpainted label! Homemade EP is signed by Mihai Popescu . labels twelve release . Already releasing some of his older tracks at Soulsity. here comes 4 of Mihais latest works. On A side the EP starts with Untitled 3. a powefull but smooth inner trip fusioned with the nostalgic feeling of the 90s and is a tribute to the past. present and future generations of house-heads enthusiasts. It also introduces the second track of this side. >Once upon..< a minimal-house journey to the realms of dreamy stories and infinite possibilities on the >hills of nowhere<. Flip the side and you will find a more minimal orientated expressive part of Mihai Popescu . also a shift in the mood of the entire EP. B1 >prea serios< and >untitled 1< might seem the dark side of the moon but are rather infused with the same energy and afinity for dreamful scenarios.