( SND 004 ) Jordan MAGEE / TOM JOYCE / S MAX - Zender's Atoll (12") Sounds Benefit

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 Sounds Benefit returns to the foray with its fourth release to date, a tightly packed EP from three up and coming peeps, including the label's head honcho, Tom Joyce. Much like the rest of the catalogue thus far, what we have here is a neat blend of house and tech, peppered with a little electro sensibility. Jordan Magee opens with the steely "Solidify", a 3D techno bruiser with all sorts of metallic sounds bouncing off its swinging groove, and Tom Joyce's "Zender" makes for the perfect companion thanks to its comparatively tamer, deeper electro bumps. On the flip, S-Max comes through with a double act: "Comet Kohoutek" chugs forth with a full-bodied bass and smart, intricate percussion patterns which are replaced with much straighter, more punishing drums and hi-hats by Alex Picone's remix