( SLS 001 ) AEROFUNK - Active EP (12") Silias France

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silas france

From deep inside the inner workings of L3 Liverpool comes the latest instalment from the city’s very own, Aerofunk. An EP built through atmospheric melodies, break scattered percussion and the heavy sub-driven, relentless groove shifting basslines he is becoming renowned for.


The EP opens in true break-funk fashion with ‘Definition’, setting off via back-andforth percussive movements with hints of hypnotising, atmospheric keys, that pave the way for one of his signature hard hitting, scattered basslines. Moving in an ever forward style, ‘Funky Breaky West’ cranks up the level for the A-Side. The repetitive bassline layered beneath a kick that skips itself in-and-out of various timings throughout the track, alongside staple, party worthy snare and hat crashes, guide the music before delightfully introducing an added touch of Aerofunk flavour with two competing basslines that work together perfectly, hand in hand. 


On the flip, the opening of the B-Side takes things to a stripped back groove guided with reverberating horn sounds that almost give off the sense of alarm to draw the mind in to attention, and all the while the music just rolls on in true groove driven fashion. Take note of those keys and atmospheric tones that work themselves in midway and set the way for a melody that would be mistaken to have been designed by the touch of a robotics lab.


Finally, the EP closes out with ‘Zezwa’, a track with a completely different style to its predecessors but still sugar coated in the unmistakeable A-F style; a track noticeably designed to make its listeners bounce to the beat (once you hear it, you’ll understand). Riding along in the background is the unmissable sound of scurrying hats and cow bell strikes in their own timing, that just add the perfect icing to this cake.