( SHINUCHU 002 ) VITESS / MUTEN / LAMALICE / DANDELOO - SHINUCHU 002 (hand-stamped 12") Shinuchu

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After the success of its first mission, Shin’uchū is ready to launch again with Tansei and its crew of groovy space wanderers. Equipped with the latest cyberacoustic technology, the light blue spaceship is set to uncover the deepest notes of our mysterious universe. Captain Dandeloo has called upon some of the best cosmic producers to join him on this voyage into the dark zone: tempo master Vitess in charge of navigation, the effervescent Muten on maintaining power generation, and cryptanalyst Lamalice for deciphering even the most intricate of detected pulses. Whatever challenges come bouncing their way, the team will face them head on as they continue to push the limits of interstellar travel through the rhythms of the heavens.