( SEQG 003 ) ETIENNE - V3 EP (12") Sequalog France

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Etienne contributed two tracks to Sequalog's debut 12", a fine collection of club-ready cuts that craftily combined elements of electro, techno, acid and minimalist tech-house. He's at it again on this first solo EP for the French imprint. Check, for example, the foreboding Motor City chords, mind-bending acid lines and super-crunchy drum machine beats of "V3", the undulating early '90s intelligent techno electronics (think Oribital's Brown Album, and you're close) and dominant snare drums of "Hpno" and the enveloping brilliance of closer "Azur", where swirling, dreamy chord progressions wrap themselves around a thumping techno beat. Also impressive is "Halcyon", a mildly mild-altering chunk of distorted, acid-driven techno-jack.