( QUI 003 ) BRIQUE / BABU - The Nutritionist's Guide To The Galaxy Vol. II ( 12" ) Quinoa Cuts

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Quinoa Cuts

As Quinoa serves up its third Cut, the Nutritionist's Guide To The Galaxy's plot thickens with its second installment. A split EP chock full of the complex carbohydrates and life-giving minerals our bodies need for interstellar travel.


The Carbs are supplied by Brique, who composes a blend of digestible beats that pulsate with steady energy. "The Future" launches us into orbit with its playful synths and driving basses, while "Customer Service Meltdown" takes us on a rollercoaster ride through glitchy melodies, infectious rhythms and a liberating storyline most of us can relate to.


On the flip side, Babu dishes out the Minerals with tracks that are equally replenishing for the souls of tomorrow's space-travellers. "Apollo" elevates us to celestial heights with its euphoric melodies and cosmic atmospheres, while "American War" plunges us into the depths of introspection with its haunting vocals and brooding basslines.


This EP not only tantalizes the taste buds of dancers and cosmonauts alike, it also provides another nourishing piece of the puzzle that makes up a well-balanced musical diet.

The Nutritionist's Guide To The Galaxy Vol. II is the perfect supplement for your next cosmic voyage.