( PT 003 ) VARIOUS ARTISTS - Dreamy Premonitions EP ( 12" vinyl ) Planet Tapes

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Planet Tapes

The third Planet Tapes EP can be defined as a true odyssey through an explosion of creativity that will serve to refresh the imagination.
The team will be 100% made in Italy.

A1 written by a familiar face of the scene. For years he has been leaving impressions of fine workmanship and we are sure that we have chosen something that truly reflects him. We are talking about the Imprints / Propersound label boss, Domenico Rosa.

A2 created by Alessandro De Padova aka Deyayu. He is certainly one of the most surprising surprises of recent years and after scoring
several EP’s alone, we are delighted to welcome him into our reality.

A3 composed by the label's captains, Andrea and Luigi. Year after year they are building and bringing their sound to a specific dimension. The temperatures will be like those of the tropics.

B2 belongs to the only rookie in terms of record release, Eros.
His family has always chewed music and this has allowed him to receive solid foundations since childhood. It's no coincidence if we use this adjective to describe his music : “erotic”.