( PT 002 ) LIQUID EARTH / PRIMARY PERCEPTION / SOLIDWOOD / JORIS BLAINE / 4 CHEMINS / TWO OPPOSITES - Exploring Alternatives EP (12" LTD to 300 copies) Planet Tapes Italy

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Planet Tapes

The second Planet Tapes EPcomes out when sharing artisticexpression is having a huge low blow across the world. With theintroduction of the new V/A, we believe you will get the rightalternative for these gloomy times.A1 written by the American, Liquid Earth. A man who constantlyexperiments and in fact this time he presents himself with anenvironmental version. Celestial melody seasoned with an acid-glitchyarpeggio that makes everything a unique journey.A2 created by theSpanish brothers-duo, Primary Perception. We especially admiredthem for the Slow Life releases and their live sets. Once again, fromtheir blood bond, deep and dreamy progressive chords are born.A3composed by the Italians, Solidwood & Joris Blaine. Having met eachother back in 2015, they decided to join forces five years later. Theresult is waiting to be discovered.B1 belongs to the mysteriousFrench, 4 Chemins. Official debut in discography for him with a trackwhere orchestral-style melodies are the masters.B2 represented bythe well-known Italian leaders of the label, Two Opposites. Contrary towhat they showed us in the first EP, they have chosen a moreromantic spirit, but the care and attention to detail is always the same.• Music by : Liquid Earth Primary Perception Solidwood & Joris⁓ ⁓Blaine 4 Chemins Two Opposites• Mastered at : Land Studio•⁓ ⁓Pressed by : Optimal Media