( POWERPILL 1 ) POWERPILL - POWERPILL 1 (140 gram vinyl 12") Powerpill

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Powerpill promises nothing but good times from an unknown source, from the day glo label art to the playful, upfront techno cut into the wax. This is no nonsense club stuff, leading in with the chirpy acid strut of "Track 1" before getting tangled up in the modulating electro lines of "Track 2". "Track 3" has a more overtly 90s vibe to it, calling to mind the early UK techno scene in its bleeping leads and dubby undercurrents. "Track 4" finishes the record off with the toughest jam of the lot, but it's still a nimble affair that shuns the trend towards pitch-black techno and instead embraces a spread of melodic threads throughout the track.