( PARANG 006 ) Various - Snowbirds EP (12") Parang Recordings

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For the sixth release, Parang Recordings is proud to present our first various artists compilation EP, featuring both emerging and established talent with a range of sounds from diverse backgrounds.
Lil Sorry and Lord of Leisure, both producers from Offenbach whose work has appeared on some of our favorite labels, flex established deep house vibes with their contributions veering towards the gentle, the sublime, and the melodic. The understated dub influences in Lil Sorry’s  ‘131’ help to disguise its relatively brisk tempo, further submerged by foregrounding of textured pads and wayward electronics that take center stage to its subdued groove. Lord of Leisure’s ‘Coffee N Chups’ is a sunrise house groover powered by funky bass and choppy hat and snare combos that keep the drive over refined sustained pads and a deep, repeating melody.
Shifting scenes to the UK for Manchester’s Spin Fidelity, a newly established name from releases on Barcelona’s revered Subwax, we find the toughest offering, a Detroit-inspired gem that lands solidly in the morning slot. Most of the action here is in the rhythm parts which rarely settle down. Adding changes and details in the keyboards brings out emotional depth and shape the tune to a compelling conclusion towards the deep side of a genre more known for bangers. The head of London’s Rube Goldberg Series, Bowyer has so far remained mostly on his own imprint and is the freshest face here. His ‘Livelovelaugh’ closes the EP with its brightest offering, all melodic bassline, sunny keyboards, and worked vocal snippets with a punchline vocal at dramatic points to reinforce its already-uplifting demeanor.