( P.T.001 ) V/A - Bored In A Cosmic Network EP (ltd copies vinyl 12") Planet Tapes

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Planet Tapes

The first Planet Tapes EP is ready to go . It will be a V/A composed of 5 tracks, obviously different from each other but we think they have something in common. Bored in a Cosmic Network is the mirror of what reflects us and above all of what we believe can remain imprinted in the listener’s mind
Let's move on to presentations:

A1 written by the Belgian, Gravitational Effect . A real electro lover who uses sounds which seem to come directly from the lovely 80's.
A2 created by two of the Italian co-founders of the label, Two Opposites. A perfect combination which has lasted for years, this time with a breaks rollin bass track which reflects them perfectly.
A3 composed by a very talented French guy who has the composition in his soul. Fresh from his first release on Antam Records, Gabriel in art Sans Sucre, will continue to amaze us and we are certain of it.
B1 belongs to the other Italian co-founder of the label, Solidwood. In composing this track he has experienced a mixture of melancholy and hope , that only love can give. “Love Battle” is fruit of a lived experience.
B2 represented by Bowyer, leader of his own label Rube Goldberg Series. Originally from England he can already boast an EP on another Italo-Uruguayan label, Novi Orbis, and obviously other appearances around. We don’t believe he needs further presentations, better go and listen to his space melodies.

• Music by : Gravitational Effect ⁓ Two Opposites ⁓ Sans Sucre ⁓ Solidwood ⁓ Bowyer
• Mastered by : Martijn Tyrell