( OYSTER 26 ) B'ZIRCON - Lazulination EP (12") Kalahari Oyster Cult

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Kicking off 2021 in KOC’s teeming keepnet comes courtesy of Roza Terenzi & Fantastic Man under the guise of production unit B’Zircon.

Merging the pair’s brill touch of trance-suffused elevation and ankle-twisting dynamics, ‘Lazulination’ EP finds the two producers unleashing a steadfast triad of genre-unbound, organic-grown jams out the deepest blue.

Pulling out a savvy mix of muscular breaks and hi-NRG shuffle, the ‘90s atmospheric techno-laced roller ‘Azure’ revs up towards upper, euphoria-inducing layers of the ravey continuum.

Breath-hold diving into lush cerulean ocean floors via white sand beachscapes, ‘Ultramarine’ has us speeding up the Gold Coast’s underwater canyons at full throttle.

Topping off the release is Perko’s crossover of both tunes as one, taking us on a rivetingly soothing, bass-enhanced downtempo ride that shall please both ambient heads and laid-back dubs revellers in unison.