( ORSON 015 ) Carl FINLOW - Holographic Emotion EP (140 gram vinyl 12") Orson

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Orson's intrepid adventures in the nooks and crannies of leftield techno, electro and bass continue apace with this sure shot from the mighty Carl Finlow. One of the UK's leading (and longest serving) exponents of electro comes correct with four razor sharp slabs of upfront rave-ready tackle. "Circuitous" is a snarling acidic beatdown, while "Epsilon" pivots around crooked polyrhythmic trysts that will have your brain body popping into next week. "Holographic Emotion" channels some gorgeous Drexciyan synth funk, and "Threshold" amps up the layers of sci-fi dread for a trip into a dystopian tomorrow where it rains 303s all day and night.