( OPIA 011 ) IDRIS BENA / PAOLO MOSCA - Age Of Fusion EP ( 12" vinyl ) Opia Records

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After Jimmy Batt setting the bar very high with his “Retrospection” LP, OPIA Records invite two modern day innovators of dance floor energy to create their eleventh release. Taking up a side each on the record we have Rakya’s Idris Bena, and Slowlife affiliate, Paolo Mosca - a combination you never realised you needed. 

Bena kicks things off with his elastic grooves and futuristic melodies in “Miss K”, constantly evolving, a certain signature of his sought after sound in recent times. “Blood Moon” is another playful journey that leads you towards “Home”, a pacey and animated encounter. 

On the flip, Italian maestro, Paolo Mosca makes his mark with his precise and well executed productions. From a DJs point of view “Different Places” is a statement track, to catch the party in the moment, beautifully arranged with deep strings and a vibrant organ line. “Orion Trance” steers the ship in a different direction, melding together rubbery acid bass and euphoric synths. 

Two producers in their element, sitting strong on the evergreen OPIA imprint this summer.