( OLOREC 003 ) SILAT BEKS I/ MIROLOJA - 300 Miles EP (12") Olo France

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After a lengthy hiatus of well over 12 months, Miroloja has fired up the Olo Records imprint once more, this time to house an EP of studio hook-ups between himself and prolific Ukrainian producer Silat Bekski. They begin with '300 Miles', a gorgeously positive chunk of sun-kissed tech-house perfection that sees them layer spacey chords and an undulating, Tangerine Dream style synthesizer melody over a crunchy and impactful beat. The track that follows, 'Cockpit', is a more bass-heavy chunk of trippy goodness that ticks rather a lot of contemporary tech-house boxes, while epic flipside 'Ovni' sees them cleverly combine beats reminiscent of Romanian minimal techno with all manner of quirky, glitches samples, including what sounds like a jazz drummer warming up