( OFFFM 001 ) VARIOUS - OFFFM #1 (heavyweight vinyl 2xLP repress) OFFFM Germany

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Review: This is something of a statement from new German label OFFFM. Not content with slipping out a simple EP, they've decided to set their stall out via an expansive, double-vinyl compilation of tried and tested club tracks. There's much to enjoy throughout, from the darting synth bass and spacey electronics of R10's "Banana D" and Oolon's similarly inclined tech-house throb-job "Double Vision", to the deep and undulating electro of BB and the rolling dreaminess of GV Bleu's squelchy "Alec With a Tiny Hand". Those looking for darker and more clandestine fare should check the dark, twisted and intoxicating electro of 386i's "Moderner Saund" or Sir Benni Steil's breakbeat-driven "Jesus Hat Zeit", which doffs a cap to early UK techno productions.