( NTC 001 ) Asper BOTHROPS / ROBIN ORDELL / RUDOH - No Time County 001 (12") No Time County

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Introducing a fresh new label concept from Robin Ordell. No Time County’s focus is music that brings a feeling of elegance to the dance floor. A deep interest for sounds has given Robin a refined ear and a unique personal style, which permeates into his vision for the label. On this first release we get three slinky cuts, each one representing the label ethos in its own way.

The EP begins with a cut from Robin’s collaborative project with Bruno Schmidt - Asper Bothrops. ‘Track 21’ is dainty yet punchy, rolling with vigour for almost 10 minutes. Throughout, the rhythm keeps you locked in tight, swinging beats complemented by an assortment of bleeps.

Up after that is ‘Backwash Intro’ by Robin on a solo tip. This track fuses soul and retro beats to create a captivating composition full of energy and mystique. Robin’s penchant for unusual sounds is evident from start to end with an almost frog-like motif in its croaky cadence.

Lastly, it’s Rudoh from Karachi. Featuring alluring atmospherics and a hypnotic bassline, this is an enchanting workout. A range of organic sounding percussion pushes the track along, while tactful production techniques ensure that the energy builds steadily.
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