( NIMMA 009 ) GLADIS - Green Carrot EP (12") Minimmal Movement Netherlands

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Title track “Green Carrot” delivers nifty percussion arrangements while gloomy pads and synths are working together to glue all the elements into one piece.

A2 track “Different Spaces” gives you robust kick drums and an acid themed bassline. Obscure vocals and shiny leitmotifs are conducting the percussive elements along 6 minutes of dance-driven groove.

The B side starts with Abstracted Possibilites, a smart construction filled with twisted synths and intriguing vocals. The snares and hi-hats are making the omnipresent narrator throughout 7 minutes of pure storytelling.

Omega Break, as the title suggests, concludes the release by entering the breakbeat realm. Its percussions and pads bring instant joy.

Early support by Raresh.