( N 001 ) NARCISSIST - 001 (12") Narcissist

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Narcissist is the result of 3 years of hardware jam sessions by Rob Bradley & MarcAshken. Having been the closest of friends for many years and working together on Rob's now-defunct label Save You and his current highly regarded label Spinning Plates, this is the first time they have made music together. The two jam with synths, drum machines, samplers and mic's until a track comes to light and is then recorded live. Marc's presence in the London scene has always been felt - from his early days as a minimal pioneer on the first releases of Leftroom to his huge hit with 'Catwalk' on Classic to his up to the minute electro alias, SKHN, on Claus Voigtman's Subsequent label. Rob hasn't been in the studio since his DeadEcho project focusing on the label's and club nights he's run across London & Berlin with Spinning Plates and as part of the Cartuli's Day team a few years back. 
Narc 7, the A1, provides a broken beat with a lush and highly melodic soundscape, hooky bassline and a dancefloor vibe. B1 is a D&B/electro/hard-to-pigeonhole track with weird vocals from Rob. B2 is a dubby pop-like track with high-pitch vocals from Rob and again is hard to stick in a certain genre. Although all sounding unique you can tell the same machines, minds and hands made all the tracks.