( MULENLP 2.3 ) iO (MULEN) - Oldivibes Part 3 (12") Mulen Germany

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iO (Mulen) is ready with his 4th album. Now he's coming back to the home of his special releases - Mulen Records. This time - with "Oldivibes". And, no, we're not talking about his label - we're talking about his vision of "oldie vibes". Prepare for the superhot meal of iO (Mulen)'s signature basslines, double dose of energy, premium collection of chords and a delicate pinch of those "oldie vibes" that are at the background of every single track in this 3x12". 1992, 1996 or 2005 - you'll decide the date of retro journey by yourself - the year doesn't really matter here. What does - we're having one more album, designed straight for the dancefloors. 12 tracks that could make any dancer happy - no less.