( MOSSO 007 ) Alejandro MOSSO - Mosso 007 (12") Mosso

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Summer Deal! These two titles in the label’s catalogue carefully thread different periods in mosso’s evolution, showing the continuity of that personal sound defined by precise crafted percussions and playful melodies, appealing to the mind, body and soul. ! Kander on the A side immediately sets the club pace with a rolling rhythm that serves as foundation for that classic mosso combination of riffs and counterpoints that build tension thru the song bringing it to an emotional peak before quickly stripping down back to the basics. The beat gently goes on, asking for the next ride of excitement. ! Tikjda on the B side shows a similar beat, but we soon discover a completely different mood and tone. The percussions go darker, the meandering melodies become unstable and the timbres get nostalgic. A complex balance of north african drums, orchestra winds and drifting synths, build a song that proves as challenging to access as rewarding for those who give in and immerse themselves.