( MMLP 20009 ) PRISM - Metronome Melody (2xLP) - Sublime Japan

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 Another sublime album by Prism aka the late great Japanese innovator Susumu Yokota aka Ebi, Frankfurt-Tokio-Connection or Stevia. Originally released on CD back in 1995, these 10 tracks are 'beyond the time barrier.' Tracks like "Aurora Mind" push the same kind of deep and bleepy Detroit style minimalism that guys like Terrence Dixon were doing across the Atlantic at the time. "Gemini" or the not too subtle "Planet Egg" are no doubt influenced the evocative and futuristic, imaginary soundtracks made by Carl Craig at the time; think Landcruisng. Tokyo label Sublime has released great music by Japanese legends such as Ken Ishii and DJ Wada and Rei Harakam