( MINOR 003 ) FORMAS - S7M8 EP (12") Minor Planet Music

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Having previous impressed via contributions to a quartet of compilation style EPs, Formas finally gets a chance to showcase their wares across a whole 12" single. The trio of Whoann, Txavalito and Gulp begins in confident mood, joining the dots between early '90s British tech-house and analogue deep house on the spacey and rolling "Meta", before laying down the creepier tech-house heaviness of "Autotofro (Abodabo Por Luis Malon)". Turn to "Orbit B" - that's the B-side to you and me - for the heavy British bleep techno revivalism of "Geometrix Vortex" (think early LFO mixed with the creepier end of the Model 500 catalogue) and "Rumbo", a spacey and occasionally hazy stroll through electro-influenced deep house territory.