( MGM 02 ) MALIN GENIE - Mer Neith It Es (180 gram vinyl 12") Malin Genie

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Malin Genie

Not content with already steering the Vigenere and Oscillat labels and appearing regularly on Will & Ink and Lazare Hoche, Malin Genie has launched his own self-titled label as a vessel for his most intriguing twists on the house and techno template. The record strides in with the tracky tones of "Hypothetical Island Of Stability," a feast of micro pops and squiggles strapped to a rock solid beat. "Fudeoroshi" is more overtly minimalist in nature, using the barest of ingredients to make a potent dancefloor cut. "Bulbocavernosa" opens up the filters and lets a little nasty acid fun and games into the mix, and then "Mer Neith It Es" rounds the record off with a soaring slice of melodic, deep techno that stands confidently apart from the rest of the tracks.