( MDT 01 ) Chrivu ‎– Music Brought Me Here EP ( only vinyl 12") Midas Touch ‎

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Chrivu is more than a newcomer on the Romanian electronic music scene. The young artist from Iasi promises to make waves, and his fresh releases on the Midas Touch 01 EP bear witness. The three tracks available on vinyl are proof that Romanians have a unique style when it comes to combining minimal, techno and other subgenres. Midas Touch 01 consists of three tracks and a remix to Linear Spaces, by Vlad Arapasu. Linear Spaces surprises with the almost linear and long-running bass, along with atypical abstract sounds, which are an important part of the portrait transmitted to its listeners. In Charge combines long mechanical build ups with fast transmitted sound bursts. Just as the says, Chrivu controls the antithetical states of those who let themselves be carried by the rhythm of his music. The landscape is a dark one at times, but it radiates with light and joy whenever the bass comes into play. Music Brought Me Here is a captivating story of a musical journey that we bet everyone will want to happen endlessly. That kind of track that is loaded with hope and a winning attitude. An uplifting and pleasing track, combining melody and breaks, that will turn into gold in its purest form, just as everything Midas used to touch