( MBR 002 ) Boris HEGENBART / DAVID MOSS / OHANAMI / SHOEN / SHCAA / SMOOTH OPERATORS / REV - Eternal Poet EP (10") Misbits Recordings Romania

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The new V.A. on Misbits Recordings, suitably titled "Eternal Poet," is the label's second excursion through the sound-art and experimental ambient realms. Familiar guests Boris Hagenbart and David Moss return for another otherworldly sonic transmission of visceral, syncopated samples, followed by Japanese duo Ohanami in an emotionally charged post-jazz exercise drenched in peaceful nostalgia. The flip-side features ten locked-grooves signed by Ohanami, Shoen, Shcaa, Smooth Operators, and REV, capturing diverse musical moments with transformative potential. "Eternal Poet" further expands the vision that ambient music can be a mode of transport rather than a simple backdrop — a sophisticated world of endless possibilities. The artwork is yet another puzzle piece of this utopian, peculiar ecosystem envisioned by Glitch Shop."