( LVR 27 ) SHATALOV - Maybe Tomorrow EP (12") La Vie En Rose France

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For the 27th release of la Vie En Rose Records, coming from the most romantic town in Russia called Saint Petersbourg, we have the honor to receive the talented Vadim Shatalov.

He delivered 3 tracks between cosmic textures, melodic bassline & classic house beats.

On the A-side we have "Maybe Tomorrow" a solid housey beat, built with some classics chords, surrounded by a special atmosphere almost chaotic, the strong bassline is keeping the track really groovy and catchy. There is no doubt that "Maybe tomorrow" define the world of Vadim original, funny & futuristic.

On the B-side we have "Get Together" a bit of poetry coming from Saint Petersburg, Classic housy rhythm, fat 909 snare with a heavy subbbass, helped by some intense fm harmonics sounds, the result is an inimitable swing groove. The melodic pads are reducing the intensity of the track into something really romantic & sexy Vadim is a russian lover!

To close the EP we have "Bring it Back" same process, sexy and warm pads with a classic house 909 beat with different style of hats & textures, some warm and intelligent motives making the melody of the track, nice ambiance to close this wonderful EP.

"Maybe tomorrow" is an essential release for fans of La Vie En Rose Records illustrating what will be the the next chapter, keeping the roots and the Adn of the label.