( LMBG 04 ) Jan HENDEZ - Geeky Cave EP (12") Lumbago France

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Review: It's been ten years since Jordi Mary first donned the now familiar Jan Handez handle. In that time, he's released a handful of rock solid EPs for the likes of Multi Vitamins, Smallroom Music and Tabla Records. Here he returns to action for the first time in two years. Marty begins with the serious low-end pressure, darting electronics and skipping beats of deep tech-house treat "A02", before slamming down the swinging, spacey tech-funk of "B09", where galactic melodies and sci-fi chords wrap around another weighty but loose groove. His obsession with startling sub-bass is further explored on chunky B-side opener "A04", while the Le Loup Equation Mix of "B09" is almost rush inducing in its pursuit of deep, stargazing thrills.

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Played by: Juno Recommends Minimal/Tech HouseRikki Humphrey