( KPTR 001 ) Mihai POL - May I Have This Dance EP (180 gram vinyl 12") Kapture Romania

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Kapture presents itself as Mihai Pol offers “May I Have This Dance EP” as the first release of the label, an invitation into an eloquent electrifying tango, which we meet on side A. Pol’s distinguishing characteristic flow convey an exquisite passion in the air – a passion for sensations - which will leave you languid. 
Side B of this EP leads us on a journey through a labyrinth of hypnotic sounds. A maze whose doleful sound excites the imagination and in just one moment you doth cease to be and you will only feel. Your steps will be guided by it through the ecstasy of happiness that dominates you.
We get hurriedly seduced by Moonlit’s wild recklessness of gaiety from its composition. A strange touch of pathos and desire floods your senses. Amidst this extraordinary journey which is narrowed to one perfect point of colored joy you are left with no other option than to simply reply “Yes” and start dancing. [info from Label]