( KBF 002 ) APUA / PHILIPP BOSS - Palmenhouze EP (12") Kopf Bei Fuss Germany

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Germany's Kopf Bei Fuss brings the brilliance once more after a fine first outing a year ago. This one licks off with the hugely likeable and high speed techno funk of "Nani Kore". It has a rubbery bassline that is busy and off balance, and scintillating hi hats and drum programming that are clean and serene. A wonky melody line and weird vocal stabs all add plenty of the sort of eccentricities that are all too often missing in modern techno. "Palmenhouze" is another characterful track, this time pairing ambient pads and keys with acid undulations and high speed, spaced out house beats. Completing a varied package are the loopy breaks and bendy sine waves of "Radio Exercise". A fine EP.