( IW 06 ) BPMF - Various Jawns (12") Is/Was US

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Sit down in your comfiest jawn, strap those noise-cancelling jawns on and prepare for those jawns in your eye sockets to tumble out your head when you hear this collection of thumping jawns whipped up by Philadelphia's BPMF. One half of legendary electro duo Synapse with John Selway (who he co-runs the equally-esteemed Serotonin imprint with), BPMF has been churning out no-nonsense electro smangers and experimental techno since the early 90s. Currently he holds the title of Eastern Pennsylvania's premier live-PA electro dad while also running his own label, Schmer. Various Jawns is exactly that; four varied jawns packed on one plate. 'Tell Mommy Bye' is an electro ripper in the true American lineage while 'Trunq' and 'J'pn' are lighter, more noodling affairs. This plate's entrée, 'House of Jawn', is a fourteen-minute knob-twiddling trip through the twisted fever dream of a raver long past. Thankfully our esteemed producer has given us a respite from the beatdown about halfway through. Drop the needle there to start the adventure at the Lower House of Jawn if brevity is your thing, man.