( INTRLTD 002 ) E DWARD / MENNIE / LORENZO MAGNOZZI / BCFHBH - Introspection 02 (12") Introspection Recordings Germany

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ntrospection Recordings invites into their already alluring world of deep and stripped back house for a second look, this time with a four track VA release featuring E-dward!, Mennie, Lorenzo Magnozzi and BCFHBH.

Close Your Eyes from E-dward is a superbly smooth and seductive deep house track with supple drums overlaid with lush, puddle-like pads that are filled with warmth and colour. Mennie picks up the pace with the twisted synths and molten acid gurgles of Haumea, which is a driest but delicious house cut for the heads.

Lorenzo Magnozzi opens up the flip-side with a more peak time track thanks to its edgy stabs and militant hi hat and drum combo. This one is filled with astral drama and sci-fi tension of the highest order. BCFHBH closes out this standout EP with Nur Mix, a freaky minimal groove for the after party that will burrow deep into your brain synapses.