( IMP 010 ) RICCARDO - Let's Move To The Future Together (heavyweight vinyl 2xLP) Imprints Germany

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London-based Italian duo Domenico Rosa and Riccardo Buccirossi have taken their Imprints label to new heights over the last few years, and they can be proud of themselves in being one of the only outlets for sourcing new and exciting talent, rather than picking up and repackaging what has already hit the scene. The latter is up for his third solo EP for Imprints, starting with the wacky, interstellar oddity named "Spacetime Materials", followed by the equally impressive, and masterfully executed "Planetario". The producer's sound is loose and subtly distorted, focussing on the percussion as a means of creating movement and weight amid the electronics, and we also love his lack of reliance on purely 4/4 beats, a quality clearly heard on tunes like "Synchtonized" or "Drinkino". If you're into the shadier, less rigid forms of house then this material will undoubtedly be to your taste. A breath of fresh air.