( HHAGAIN 005 ) ALIENAGE / THE MADD SCIENTIST - Gargoyle Records Classics Part 1 (12") Holding Hands

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Tony Pegas and Don Corrieri’s Gargoyle Records was active between 1995-1997. Based in Baltimore they released seven killer records under various aliases. I absolutely adore their super raw production style. Every track has got character for days and is packed to the brim with East coast attitude.

We’ve picked four tracks from across a couple of EPs for this Iirst reissue which all bang to the max and will Iit into quite a variety of club circumstances. On top of that there is a ridiculously sick Iifth track (Do You Believe) that was written during that time but never released. Potentially my favourite one of the bunch I am super excited to be able to get this one the release that it always deserved.

There will be a second EP to follow so keep your eyes peeled...