( HB 016 ) DB JAM - (Not) The First Encounter EP (Arno mix) (140 gram vinyl 12") Half Baked

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Half Baked

 DB Jam is a mysterious new project that kicks off Half Baked's 2020 in style with an EP of reduced, refined grooves in keeping with the London institution's firmly established identity. "I Met A Leprechaun In A Russian Forest" is a psychotropic trip marked out by tunneling synth lines and heavy washes of reverbed voices - the perfect dissociative anthem. "He Told Me Bullshit" keeps things simmering under the surface with a crisp, pattering beat and plenty of intricacy kinked into the bassline. Arno's remix of "He Told Me Bullshit" refigures the original into an electro-tinted broken techno workout that maintains the trippy vibe but adds swathes more texture into the mix for a wholly different kind of transcendence.

Played by: Sam Bangura