( HAWS 010 ) Adam PITS - Element X (12") Haws

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It’s ten down for Ha┼Ás, and what better way to celebrate than to have Adam Pits step up for ‘Element X’, a relentless, cutthroat EP that will no doubt leave you gasping for more. With three killer originals and two first-class remixes on the menu, the musical craftsman and his guests deliver a rally of transcendent dancefloor moments exploring the true power behind tension and release.

The inaugural ‘Gazza’ – made in memoriam of the talented selector and Adam’s late friend Alex T – is a murky, cunning opening containing a rumbling bassline that plumes outwards like the smog over a late-night crowd. ‘Solar Wave’ provides a trippy fusion of acid and euphoria, cresting and diving with an irresistible peak-time groove. On the titular ‘Element X’, the pace slows right down to a nonchalant meander, taking delicate melodies and slinging them above a surly-faced beat.

Moving onto the remixes, DJ Central dismantles the exultations of ‘Solar Wave’ and revises it into a techy, taut number with a new magnetic drive. Priori’s final offering is delightfully subversive to Adam’s sound; his take on ‘Element X’ is both pensive and anthemic, with a keen sense of space and the sort of epic mood that could easily crown a culminating set.

All in all, no nonsense goodness from Adam and his team. We couldn’t think of any other way to celebrate this milestone. Indeed, the night is always darkest before dawn.