( GRFF 002 ) PO / SOLAR SOUND SYSTEM - Dark Phase Cycle (RESTOCK 12" limited to 300 copies) Griffe

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Griffé is back with a new uncompromising release. For this second EP, the Corsican born P.O presents his very first (almost) solo record. Eminent member of the duo Solär Sound System with Jimmy Batt (who comes to lend him a hand on the powerful A2 track "Reveille toi").

For this release, P.O offers 5 tracks oscillating between several styles, flirting with EBM, break, techno and many others. There are tracks designed for the dancefloor as well as the UFO "I Don't Feel Anything" which comes as a breath between the other tracks. The whole is linked by a dark and powerful atmosphere, common between each track and which will give the title of the EP, aptly named "Dark Phase Cylcle EP".