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Get Down UK

Fantastic edits of a UKG classic! Entity : London present one of their all-time favourite garage tracks with new mixes, one more on a minimal meets UKG vein while the flip is more of a 2-step version... already getting the attention of Four Tet! All proceeds from the pressing of this record will go to Grenfell charities.
"It's been one year since the fire at Grenfell and our hearts and thoughts continue to be with the residents, bereaved and the Latimer Road and Ladbroke Grove community.
Growing up a stones throw from Grenfell Tower, spending most of my years in and around the area and seeing close friends and their families seriously affected by such a travesty, it's only right that I try to use the platform that we have to raise awareness and pay respect. Hopefully, eventually, we can get close to justice.
In honour, we have one of our all-time favourite UK garage tracks - one that really strikes a chord with many who have lived the true London life - re-interpreted by our friend from Russia, Lost-Act."