( FOM 005 ) TIMENET - Dishwasher (12") Frame Of Mind Holland

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UK techno collectors have long raved about this EP, a 1992 collaboration between Ubik members Dave Campbell and Viv Beeton under the one-off Timenet alias. The record's genius lies in its futurist fusion of elements borrowed from Chicago acid, Detroit and Brooklyn techno and European rave records. While the use of heavy rave stabs on the mind-altering closer "On The Move" dates it (the stripped-down version on the A-side, with its Joey Beltram and Derrick May influences, has aged better), for the most part the Dishwasher EP feels genuinely timeless. Check, in particular, the UK take on Detroit futurism that is "DX Moods" and acid-fired lead cut "Dishwasher", which is one of the best tributes to Mr Fingers' "Washing Machine" you're ever likely to hear.