( EYA 016 ) MANUK / OLI SILVA - A Thin Veneer Of Overlord (12") Eya

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Eya records

EYA Records gets off to a strong start of 2022 by inviting ‘The Nothing Special’ producer Oli Silva and Argentinian hardware maestro Manuk for their 16th release.

A1 ‘ Mirage man’ by Manuk is a wonderful, expressive techno and trance infused number, while A2 ‘Mutant Mindset’ by Oli Silva has a raw breakbeat impact with classy eerie chords, haunting vocals, and a killer bassline.

B1 is the result of the joint effort by the two producers, ‘Multiple Minglings’ is a very impactful psychedelic journey. The EP is completed by a ‘Freestyle’ remix of B1 by UK legendary producer Dave Campbell aka HI-Ryze.