( ERS 047 ) DJN4 - Tales Of Z (140 gram vinyl 2xLP) Emotional Response

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 DJ Normal 4 has boiled his name down for this latest trip out on Emotional Response, which finds the German breakbeat evangelist getting into a specifically tranced-out mode which should sit right with many a new age raver. The 90s is plastered all over this release, which rolls low and heavy like a good trance record should, and there's an honesty about DJN4's particular approach which makes the tracks land perfectly. Conceptual consistency is also key, meaning the twitchier cuts like 'X Capsule' can sit comfortably alongside unabashed wig out fodder such as the psy-tinged 'Mind Expander XS'. If you love the early, moodier strains of trance, this record is essential.